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Home, sweet home

Something great happened this morning. I finally felt as if I could come up for air after being buried in boxes since last Friday. That was when we moved into our new home. Boxes are still piled high in the … Continue reading

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Moving day is not packing day – but can I sneak in a run?

My brother-in-law, Mike, once stated the obvious: “Moving day is not packing day.” Unfortunately, that had not been obvious to David or me. On our major moves to and from Minneapolis and Huntsville, David and I were somehow paralyzed. Or … Continue reading

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Now we have to buy a house? Decisions, Decisions!

So I shared the good news last week: We got an offer on our Huntsville home after 52 days on the market. The days that followed were hectic. The last 24 hours were hell. After someone made an offer on … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! The real estate angels rejoice

It was just yesterday, Thursday, that I whined about enduring another day with our humble south Huntsville home on the market. It had been a long 52 days. Days that wore down my patience and threatened my serenity (but significantly … Continue reading

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Real estate restlessness as home prices drop

We are at day 52 of our real estate “adventure.” Some days are better than others, but I have concluded that I was ridiculously delusional when I thought, despite the odds, that our house might sell within the first week. … Continue reading

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From shoddy to shipshape: A Huntsville mom comes clean

Not long ago, I needed a week to prepare for company. If you just dropped by, you wouldn’t get in the front door. I had a dirty little secret: I was a rotten housekeeper. Some might blame the undiagnosed ADHD; … Continue reading

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