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The Climb to Preikestolen

Spiritually, I believe God is always close. Geographically, I believe there are locations, wonders of the world, in which He grants us all even greater access to His majesty and mystery. Preikestolen is one of those places. My sister, Heidi, … Continue reading

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Rolling down the (Flint) River

When you leave the office, leave the office You work hard Monday through Friday. If you’re like me, you often forget to leave the daily grind at the office and focus entirely on family when the weekend arrives. Fortunately, I did … Continue reading

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My hair was getting heavy and I was growing antsy. It’s a cycle of my life I’ve continued since I was 15, the year of my first “chop.” I grow my hair out for a few years, finally get it … Continue reading

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Cluttered Closets

When my closet gets cluttered, I go to extreme measures to restore order. I take out everything, dumping it onto the bed or the floor. At first, it seems overwhelming, but if I go through the contents, piece by piece, … Continue reading

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