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Diet Coke: How Dr. Oz helped me kick a 25-year drinking habit

I consider myself to be a healthy woman. I follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and don’t drink alcohol or smoke. While I shoot for a healthy lifestyle, however, I have had a few dietary vices, primarily chocolate, coffee and Diet … Continue reading

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Liberty’s Legacy: growing super citizens

A World War II veteran, 88-year-old Delbert Belton, was beaten to death in Spokane, Washington this week. Two teens are accused of committing the brutal crime. If that isn’t a call to illuminate and educate our children about the true … Continue reading

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Another first day of school

With children, you have many firsts: first words, first high-fives, first steps, first ER visits, you get the idea. But you get to repeat one “first” every year. And for children and parents across North Alabama, today was yet another … Continue reading

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Mormor and the grown-up tricycle

My mom is my inspiration. In faith, family and fitness. And in perseverance. At 79, Mormor (the Norwegian equivalent of grandmother, or mother’s mother) is still healthy in mind and spirit. Unfortunately, neuropathy has robbed her of her ability to exercise as … Continue reading

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