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The Deep Freeze or the Big Tease?

I’m going for the big tease. Winter in the South is kind of like seeing a mystical beauty that’s immediately striking, only to discover it is only skin deep. Take the co-called deep freeze that gripped the Deep South last … Continue reading

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Ten reasons I love Huntsville (Ala.)

David and I have lived in Huntsville since late December 1996. Other than the 18 months we wound up back in Minneapolis (long story!), the Rocket City has been home. During a weekend run, I thought of how grateful I … Continue reading

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EB’s hunt for the perfect egg (and honorary CEO)

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the possum how it’s done. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Moving on to the meat of this post: What it takes to develop a better egg. The best egg. The Eggland’s Best … Continue reading

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Diet Coke: How Dr. Oz helped me kick a 25-year drinking habit

I consider myself to be a healthy woman. I follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and don’t drink alcohol or smoke.¬†While I shoot for a healthy lifestyle, however, I have had a few dietary vices, primarily chocolate, coffee and Diet … Continue reading

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I DO like my family

My mom, “Mormor,” moved down from Minneapolis in July. After a few months, I think we all needed some space. So on Friday, David and I packed up Serina, 7, and Sophia, 5, and headed to Chattanooga, a mere two … Continue reading

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Moving Mormor: A family Affair

After moving again in June, I swore it would be years before a moving truck appeared in our driveway, yet that is exactly where a 26-foot Penske stands at this moment. This time, however, the contents belong to my mother, … Continue reading

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Now we have to buy a house? Decisions, Decisions!

So I shared the good news last week: We got an offer on our Huntsville home after 52 days on the market. The days that followed were hectic. The last 24 hours were hell. After someone made an offer on … Continue reading

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From shoddy to shipshape: A Huntsville mom comes clean

Not long ago, I needed a week to prepare for company. If you just dropped by, you wouldn’t get in the front door. I had a dirty little secret: I was a rotten housekeeper. Some might blame the undiagnosed ADHD; … Continue reading

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A family divided: Putting the pieces together trip by trip

Our family is divided. My mom, Sigrun Hovland, is in the Twin Cities area where she and my father, Gjert, raised my brother, Larry, my sister, Heidi, and me. My brother and his wife, empty nesters, live in the northern … Continue reading

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