Christmas 2013: No batteries required

It hit me this morning, the day after Christmas, as our two daughters, Serina, 8, and Sophia, 6, played together. Something was missing: Noise.

"Maybe you should be a vet!"

“Maybe you should be a vet!”

We hadn’t gotten our children any electronics for Christmas this year. Come to think of it, they hadn’t wished for any. Even so, I almost got them each a new DS game to add to their measly collections. (I believe they each have two games for the devices they received two years ago.)

I was at Target when I had the impulsive thought that could have easily become an impulsive purchase. I was in a “what if they don’t have enough” state of mind. “Really?” These girls have plenty to eat, warm clothing, shelter and toys they don’t play with as it is. I walked away from the games and saved $50.

Serina is glad Julie no longer has to sleep in a drawer.

Serina is glad Julie no longer has to sleep in a drawer.

This morning, they are quietly enjoying their gifts. Both are bundled in the plush robes they got from Mormor. Serina is playing with her American Girl doll, Julie. Both are celebrating the gift “they” received: Julie’s American Girl Doll bed — a bit of extravagance right there.

Dr. Sophia is in full career mode with her new vet kit.  (The vet kit, by the way, came with a pretend pager. “Daddy, what’s a pager?”)

Serina also got a horse stable filled with plastic horses and Sophia’s bit of yuletide extravagance was an American Girl Doll bathtub. They also got a puzzle and we played a wicked game of “Sorry,” which they also found under the tree.

Nothing like going back to an old classic board game!

Nothing like going back to an old classic board game!

Their toys might not light up, but sparks are flying in their minds! Creativity spills from their sweet imaginations, flooding our hearts with a contentment that comes from simply watching children at play.

No batteries required.

About minndixiemom

I'm a Minnesota native with an Alabama heart, reflecting on the past while looking toward the future. My husband, David, and I landed in Huntsville in the late 90s through my former career in TV news. We have two amazing girls, Serina and Sophia, whom we are raising with God's guidance and grace. Besides faith and family, my passions include writing, walking, mental health, and recovery. By day, I'm the Director of Development for WellStone (another passion), North Alabama's largest and most comprehensive mental healthcare provider.
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2 Responses to Christmas 2013: No batteries required

  1. Melissa says:

    The kind of Christmas I remember from my childhood! Imagination toys are the best kind. 🙂

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