Cristina Lynn: New CD lyrics featured in popular Harlequin series

"Sinners and Saints" is Cristina Lynn's third CD.

“Sinners and Saints” is Cristina Lynn’s third CD.

If you’re familiar with north Alabama singer Cristina Lynn, you know not to expect mainstream country. Her music is as traditional as Patsy Cline with a friendly, folksy flare and uniquely rich tone.

As soon as “Sinners AND Saints” starts to play, Lynn engages listeners lyrically and musically. But the songs featured on this CD, her third, connect with another group entirely — readers of the popular Harlequin books.

Lynn wrote the song, “Sinners AND Saints,” after she read a draft of “The Downfall of a Good Girl” by Kimberly Lang, a Tennessee Valley-based romance author.  That’s when the two women teamed up to share and showcase their different writing talents with the soundtrack.  “The Downfall Of A Good Girl” is Lang’s first book in the Harlequin Romance ‘Kiss’ line.

“Our goal was to show how two different writers from different worlds can team up,” said Lynn. “We also wanted to prove that women can be creative, work hard and still be moms.”

It worked. All five songs on the “Sinners AND Saints” track appear in works by Lang, who also hails from north Alabama. You’ll read about “Whiskey & Honey,” “Rainin'” and “Service Your Heart” in “Downfall.” Lynn’s original wedding song, “Today,” is included in the sequel, “The Taming of a Wild Child.”

But of course the CD offers something books alone cannot: Music. Lynn’s vocals, original lyrics and guitar picking take you down a back road leading straight to traditional country music.

“Thank you for hearing traditional country,” said Lynn. “I was after that vibe. I wanted this CD to showcase my love of traditional country and my love of songwriting. I also wanted to give my listeners what they’ve been asking for. What you hear on this CD is what you hear when you come see me live.”

The songs on the CD showcase Lynn’s broad talent as a singer and songwriter. The title track, “Sinners and Saints,” is upbeat and has you tapping your toes. “Whiskey and Honey” is soulful with a touch of melancholy. My personal favorite is “Today.” It’s a beautiful, heartfelt ballad with strong harmonies that reflect Lynn’s passion for her own marriage.

“For years I wanted to write a wedding song, but could not figure out what I wanted to say,” said Lynn. “To me your wedding day should be about so much more than just a love shared.  It’s about every minute of the rest of your life with that person beginning ‘Today.'”

If you’re planning your big day or know someone who is, check out the song. The question will be: Do you play it during the ceremony or save it for the couple’s first dance?

The “Sinners AND Saints” CD is now available on iTunes and CDBaby. Connect with Lynn on Twitter. Lang’s books are available at numerous retailers, including Amazon.

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