Triumph of a craft-challenged mom

As the mother of two children in an arts-focused school, I am often lost. A craft to me is throwing a heap of crayons on the table with printer paper and letting Serina, 7, and Sophia, 5, go to town.

But I am making progress. Take Serina’s recent second grade project: Memorize a winter or Christmas-themed poem and create a diorama to illustrate it. Serina couldn’t find a poem online that resonated with her so we struggled—until Sunday, December 9, when her cousin, Leah, texted her a picture of the one-foot snowfall that graced Maple Grove, Minn.

“Awww,” whined Serina. “It’s not fair. They have snow!”

I was inspired. While many may disagree with my message, I was trying to improve a kid’s perspective on her reality. A poem was born:

“Two Winters”

Serina proudly holds her “Two Winters” diorama.

My cousin sent me a picture
of their winter so far.
One foot of snow
Piled high in their yard.

In Minnesota, they’re busy
with fierce snowball fights,
Sledding, skiing and skating
On clear winter nights.

At first I was jealous,
Our trees naked and bare.
Not a single snowflake
to be found anywhere.

But come March
Pristine snow will turn dirty and gray.
Brutal cold will grow old
and they’ll wish it away.

So I’ll take southern winters
over the north’s any day.
Wearing shorts and a t-shirt,
“Merry Christmas,” I say!

And for the diorama:

We went to Michael’s craft store and bought foam materials, 3D stickers, white pompoms for snow, and paint.

Serina divided the box in two, illustrating an Alabama winter on one side, a Minnesota one on the other. There was plenty of snow for the north, lots of green for the south, and Littlest Pet Shop animals super-glued across both winters.

Sure, it was her project. But parents’ assistance is encouraged. This time I actually came through with decent art supplies, not to mention an original—though totally cheesy—poem.

About minndixiemom

I'm a Minnesota native with an Alabama heart, reflecting on the past while looking toward the future. My husband, David, and I landed in Huntsville in the late 90s through my former career in TV news. We have two amazing girls, Serina and Sophia, whom we are raising with God's guidance and grace. Besides faith and family, my passions include writing, walking, mental health, and recovery. By day, I'm the Director of Development for WellStone (another passion), North Alabama's largest and most comprehensive mental healthcare provider.
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