Wholehearted training for Women’s half marathon

When I lace up for the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville September 22, I plan on being ready. It’ll be my second half overall, but the first one for which I am properly trained.

Thanks to Hal Higdon’s training program, I expect to do much better in my second half than I did in my first.

Two weeks ago I started following Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 training version. I almost signed myself on for the intermediate version because I had a tough time calling myself a beginner. After all, I had run for a couple of years now. Three miles for a while, then I graduated to four and five miles, before hitting six miles and running six miles every day.

Every day, that is, until I ran the Huntsville Half Marathon last November. I ran the first eight and vaguely recall how I completed the last five-point-one. I felt terrible and was stripped of all motivation.

In March, four months later, I was finally inspired to run again, very slowly taking on short distances.  When I committed to the Women’s Half, I promised myself, with my whole heart, that I would do it right.

My first two weeks have been relatively easy, but I know Hal is preparing me for the weeks ahead, culminating with the big 13.1. The coolest part in the Novice 2 training? Two free days! Oh, Hal calls them rest days. But I feel like a kid who gets a day off of school and gets to eat sweet cereal in the morning.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for shorter runs, with increasingly longer runs on Saturdays and cross-training on Sundays. Until I met Hal, it never occurred to me to take days off from my workouts to allow my muscles to recover. While I wasn’t a beginner in my running, I was a beginner in my thinking.

Today’s cross-training involved walking and the elliptical. It felt great and was much different from my old workouts of running. Just running. Every… single… day.

Tomorrow is a free – I mean, rest – day. And I will rest with all my heart, knowing I will do the same on days that call for action!

About minndixiemom

I'm a Minnesota native with an Alabama heart, reflecting on the past while looking toward the future. My husband, David, and I landed in Huntsville in the late 90s through my former career in TV news. We have two amazing girls, Serina and Sophia, whom we are raising with God's guidance and grace. Besides faith and family, my passions include writing, walking, mental health, and recovery. By day, I'm the Director of Development for WellStone (another passion), North Alabama's largest and most comprehensive mental healthcare provider.
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7 Responses to Wholehearted training for Women’s half marathon

  1. John says:

    Good luck with the training!

  2. Heidi Hovland says:

    Love this! You are an inspiration, sister!

  3. Kristin Ardal says:

    U go!!!

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