Confessions of Big Foot: Sizing up the situation

I am getting out of the closet. At least my running shoes are. And my dress shoes. And my casual shoes. Actually, all of my shoes are busting out.

My shoe size used to be a source of embarrassment. Not anymore!

For years, I lied about the size of my feet. It was a topic of discomfort. Not the size itself, but the reactions I’d get from those nosy enough to ask. I endured my fair share of teasing in junior high and high school, but was stunned by the “OMGs” and “your feet are huge” and “they are boats” that I heard from adults.

Fortunately, times have changed and so have I. There was a time when selections of extended sizes were limited to ugly, chunky, manly shoes. Now we have and Both of these businesses are doing well to accommodate a growing number of people like me who, gasp, have really big feet.

So here is my confession: I wear a size 13.

These size 13 Asics are a perfect fit.

There it is,  out in the open. I was inspired by my recent purchase of Asics running shoes from Zappos. My other pair was extremely worn and replacements were overdue. This week, I received my new Asics in glorious, feminine shades of “castle rock, white and violet.”

‘They are really pretty,’ I thought. Sure they looked big straight out of the box, but when I put them on they looked – and fit – perfectly. After all, they were completely proportionate to my 6’1″ frame. How ridiculous wouldn’t I look running around in a pair of perfectly average 8s.

Granted, more women I know are wearing larger sizes. There are quite a few donning 11s. I even have a sister-in-law who wears a 12! But I haven’t met any fellow 13s so I’ve been playing is safe, professing a size 12, which sounded big, but not too big.

Not anymore. My feet are my friends. I am grateful for them, whether I am running a 5K or walking out to get the mail. My feet have served me well and I am counting on them to cover many more miles throughout my life.

Besides Asics, my closet boasts Brooks, Van Eli, Munro and Trotters, all designers offering size 13s. (Jimmy Choo does too, but I have yet to fork over $200 for a pair of shoes, let alone $500, no matter how much I appreciate my big feet.)

Cheers to my extended-sized “sole” sisters! Embrace your feet and treat them well. Haven’t they done the same for you?

About minndixiemom

I'm a Minnesota native with an Alabama heart, reflecting on the past while looking toward the future. My husband, David, and I landed in Huntsville in the late 90s through my former career in TV news. We have two amazing girls, Serina and Sophia, whom we are raising with God's guidance and grace. Besides faith and family, my passions include writing, walking, recovery, and the outdoors. By day I'm the Director of Development for WellStone, Inc., North Alabama's largest and most comprehensive mental healthcare provider.
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